Smart Sensor Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector tester Temperature Humidity



PM2.5 Measuring Range    0 ~ 500μg/m⊃3;
 Single Response Time      <1s
 Composite response time      ≤10s
 Resolution rate    1μg/m⊃3;
 Counting Efficiency of Particulate Matter    50%@ 0.3μm 98%@ ≥0.5μm
 Mass Concentration Consistency of Particulate Matte         ±10% @ 100 ~ 500μg/m⊃3;  ±10μg/m⊃3; @ 0 ~ 100μg
 Temperature Measuring Range    10.0~50.0℃
 Temperature Accuracy    ±0.3℃
 Humidity Measuring Range    0%~99%RH
 Humidity Accuracy      ±3%RH
 PM2.5 Sensor    PLANTOWER Laser Particulate Matter Sensor
 Humidity Accuracy      ±3%RH
 working time for Once Charging    >4.5/h
 Auto Power off        30minutes ( it cannot be power off automatically while charging time.)
 Charging/ Battery       DC 5V, 500mA, USB Connector / Li-ion 580mAh
 Battery      Li-ion 580mAh
 Working Temperature    -10.0℃~ 50.0℃,0%~99%RH 
 Product Weight/Size  190g/60*60*26mm
 Package Weight/Size  210g/10*10*5cm
 Packing List                                                                                        

 1pc PM2.5 Detector, 1pc USB Connector, 1pc User manual    



 Grade of Air Quality    Average Value of PM2.5 in 24hours
 Great      0~35μg/m3;
 Good    35~75μg/m3;
 Mildly Polluted    75~115μg/m3;
 Moderately Polluted  115~150μg/m3;
 Seriously Polluted    150~250μg/m3;
 Severely Polluted                            >250μg/m3;

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